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These are the official documentation files for the Featurama0.7 software. In here you will find usage instructions, technical caveats, important limitations to be aware of, error message decodings, algorithm explanation, development information, and hopefully more.

What is Featurama?
The Featurama software is intended as a tool to aid biological researchers employing custom designed oligonucleotide microarrays with oligonucleotide design for their experiments.

Why Featurama?
Given the technology to manufacture high density oligo microarrays in relatively short time, the biological scientist using microarrays has the ability to perpetually design new experiments. While this is great for biology, the scientist must now assume the meddlesome task of designing thousands of unique features for every microarray that they use. Featurama's purpose is too make this task simpler by automating the process while being flexible enough to run on a standard desktop Linux computer, in reasonable timing and memory constraints, on any biological organism the DNA sequence of which is known.


Other Issues

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